• General consultations for Avian, Reptiles and Exotics
  • Bird and small mammal boarding
  • Surgery and Medical care – Orthopaedic and Soft tissue surgery with well equiped ICU
  • Advanced Anaesthetic monitoring and support
  • Diagnostic services – Microscopy, Blood Analysis, Radiography, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy
  • Rescues, Charities and Collaborations

We are extremely excited to announce that CARE’s expert attention for your furry, scaly or feathered friends is now going to be available from TWO new locations! We are working with Vetpoint Dr. Reena Cotton in Sea Point and Sunset Beach Veterinary Clinic to bring our services closer to you. We will be available in Sea Point on Wednesday afternoons and Sunset Beach on Friday afternoons.

All appointments can be booked through our normal CARE phone number – just tell us which practice you would like to come to! In addition, should your animal need admission to hospital, an operation or even ICU, we can offer transport to our main hospital and even bring your animal back for your discharge appointment.

Call us today on 0218755063 to book in your next appointment at any of our locations!